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March 21, 2018

When Joe and Anna Kostrick first met they were in college. After college, Anna learned the news that she would need a kidney transplant. After five months of dating Joe, Anna received her transplant and, in 2011, the two were married. While both wished for family, Anna knew that, because of health, having a baby would be high risk. For Anna, adopting was something she was always interested in doing. The newlyweds were referred to Auberle's Foster Care program by other Foster Care parents.


For Anna and Joe, being Foster Care parents has been a blessing. They describe it "as the absolute best hardest thing in the world." Each of their children came to them when they were least expecting it. Their first two sons, Ryder and Tyler, were fostered in the Kostrick's home for two years before they were able to be officially adopted. There boys were brothers from the beginning in every sense of the world. They loved each other, played together and just connected on every level. At times, Anna did worry what would happen if the two boys were separated but, that never happened.


When their third son, Archer, came into the family, they said "we're finished." Having three boys was Anna's dream and the couple was thrilled to add another young boy to the family. Archer immediately bonded with the boys and became the third musketeer in their little group. They were and still are inseparable at times, it was all a whirlwind because at that point, only Ryder was officially adopted so their home was a revolving door of court hearings, visits and chaos. 


Then, the Kostrick's received a phone call. Archer's biological mother was pregnant with a girl. Anna and Joe immediately knew that they room in their hearts and homes for one more. "Four children was unimaginable," Anna said. "It was more than we ever anticipated having and more than we thought we could handle but we loved Archer so much that I couldn't imagine letting his sister grow up in a different home without him." By opening up their hearts and homes, they now had the opportunity to have Archer's sister become a part of their growing family. 


On March 16, 2018, Anna and Joe, surrounded by Ryder, Tyler, Archer and friends and family, officially adopted their first daughter and Archer's biological sister, Sutton. Together, the Kostrick's are now a family of six. Through Foster Care with Auberle, they were able to give four beautiful children a home and a family full of love and traditions. Anna is hopeful that when the kids are teenagers one day, her and Joe will be able to open their home again to more children that are in need of a loving home. 


If the Anna and Joe's story of fostering inspired you to learn more about our Foster Care program, please connect with Jeanne Burger at 412-779-0322 or e-mail jeanneb@auberle.org 




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