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SNAP® Program Lays Groundwork for Success

December 14, 2017



Dana and Scott Lewis are new Foster Parents to four young siblings. The couple’s journey to Foster Care began nearly one year ago when they were thinking about starting a family. Shortly after getting married, the couple learned they were not able to have biological children so they turned to the idea of Foster Care.

“We were originally planning to prepare for one young boy and that’s when my phone rang. It was Jeanne Burger (Auberle’s Foster Care Parent Recruiter and Trainer), calling to ask my husband and I if we were willing to take in three young siblings. We quickly replied yes. Then, she called back to ask us about an infant as well, and it turned out to be their little sister. We went from getting our house ready for one boy to four young siblings overnight.” Dana said.


Becoming Foster Parents has been extremely rewarding for the Lewis family. As a helpful guide and support through parenthood, the couple enrolled in Auberle’s SNAP® program. The SNAP® program for children was adopted nearly 30 years ago and has been
used by Auberle for the past ten years. SNAP® teaches young children, ages 6-11, how to effectively manage their behaviors and emotions through engaging activities, interactive discussions,
situational role-playing and games. A variety of topics addressed during sessions include; dealing with angry thoughts and feelings, self-control, problem-solving and bullying. The primary goal of
the SNAP® Program is to help children respond to conflict in a way that makes their problems seem smaller, not bigger.


“The Foster Care staff help us identify families thatwould greatly benefit from our SNAP® Program,” Valerie Reinthaler, SNAP® Program Manager said. “Fostering children can be an added stress
and we are here to help Foster Care parents and children reduce the amount of disruptions and conflict at home.”


The SNAP® program has been very effective for Dana and Scott as

well as their two oldest foster children; Rowen, 8, and Jaxson, 7. When opioid addiction took the lives of their parents, Dana and
Scott stepped in to provide the children with a safe place to call home. SNAP® has helped Dana and Scott learn effective parenting techniques and connect them with other parents who face similar challenges. The 12-week curriculum has also helped Rowen with her attitude and has helped Jaxson better manage and control his anger and tantrums. Dana encourages every Foster family to participate in the SNAP® program and reap the same rewards it brings to her family.


“The Lewis family has been very successful with the SNAP® program,” Valerie said. “Dana has become a parent mentor to parents currently involved in the SNAP® program and is able to share her successes and experiences. She’s had a very positive impact to the group, as many parents can easily relate to her.”
As their one-year anniversary of fostering approaches, Dana and her husband have learned that they will be officially adopting the four siblings soon and getting the big family they always


“SNAP® has been a life-changer for my family and I. Meeting people like Ms. Valerie and Ms. Kristen has been a great family support for us.” Dana said. “Everything I do is for my foster children. My
kids are amazing. We hold our kids at expectations that they can meet and provide them with a stable foundation. I love my family. I cannot picture my life without having these kiddos."

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