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The Superheroes of the Strip District

August 28, 2017



In May, the country celebrated National Foster Care Month. While this time is set aside to recognize foster parents for their dedication and commitment to youth in Foster Care, it is important to realize that they are children’s heroes 365 days a year.

Heroes like the Garso family, always knew they wanted a family. After trouble conceiving, the Garsos realized that fostering was the ideal way for them to have an impact on the children in our region and to grow their family.

The Garsos have had six foster children in their home and have served as respite parents for two other toddlers as well. Being a respite parent means that one foster family temporarily cares for another family’s foster children. It gives the children’s original foster family a bit of a break—a respite. Respite Foster Care is sometimes called “short-term” Foster Care.

Being Foster Care parents has brought Timothy and his wife, Danielle, wonderful memories. “The first time they say ‘I love you’ is just about the best thing ever, especially those who have had severe trauma or been in multiple foster homes. You almost have to earn that love,” Timothy said. “When the walls come down and they say those three simple words, you know it’s because they finally view you as that figure they truly do love.”

The Smiths have also been true champions to Auberle. Scott and his wife, Julie, have fostered 10 kids in the past year and a half, four babies placed with them temporarily until birth family members met their goals, and six others for respite care. With two teenagers in the house already, the couple realized they

had extra to give. “The connection you can have to these young people is an amazing feeling,” Scott said. “I cannot even put it into words.”

For these two loving Foster Care families, National Foster Care month was a time to connect to each other and raise awareness for Foster Care youth within the close-knit Pittsburgh community. Back in December, Timothy, a bartender at the Smallman Galley bar in the Strip District, and his staff decided to implement a monthly charity drink promotion to help promote certain organizations. Being that it was National Foster Care Month, Tim knew exactly where to send May’s proceeds. However, what he did not realize was that one of Smallman Galley’s craft beer producers, East End Brewing, is owned and operated by an Auberle Foster

Care family as well. The two families, with the help of Smallman Galley and East End Brewing, joined together to run the event on Wednesday, May 24, and raised funds for Auberle. The money will be used toward providing Auberle Foster Care youth with luggage to safely store their belongings.


If you are interested in becoming an Auberle Foster Care parent or would like to learn more about how to get involved with Auberle’s Foster Care Program, email Jeanne Burger at jeanneb@auberle.org or call 412-779-0322.

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